Below Ground Tanking Systems

Below Ground Tanking Systems

Below ground tanking is predominantly used with sheet membranes, on surfaces that would be covered with concrete, back-filling, screed/tiles or any other type of substrate that can resist underground pressures. The application of this membrane is specifically used to apply on the outside of the underground structure. This ensures the underground surface is Watertight and prevents and water from penetrating through the fabric of the walls and floor, creating a barrier system.
Below ground tanking is primarily used in areas such as retaining walls, tunnels, basements, foundation footings, and foundation slabs. The application approach is like above ground membrane application, with the use of a primer and flame torch to apply each membrane.

Hydroproof have a team of multi-skilled applicators who are proficient in applying many pre-manufactured membrane sheet products: Double layer and single layer membranes.

* Torch on membrane
Double layer torch on are a robust and reliable two-layer modified bitumen membrane
Double layer sheet membranes commonly consist of torch applied bitumen-based membranes which can also be used in above grounds works including decks, box gutters and flat roofs

* Peel and Stick membrane

A self-adhesive bitumous membrane which is self protected by a cross-laminated high density (HDPE) film. The film provides a high dimensional stability and elongation properties suited for below ground stresses. Suitable for damp proofing basements, block walls and retaining walls.

* Liquid applied membrane

• Preprufe
A high density (HDPE) file, pressure sensitive adhesive and weather resistant protective coating. Product forms an integral bond to poured concrete preventing both